A Choice Group International company, Luxury is a diversified Brand enterprise dedicated to serving local communities with the information, insight, and inspiration to enrich personal lifestyle fulfillment.
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Dedicated to unilaterally providing renowned Excellence Beyond Expectation  in every endeavor, Luxury strives to exemplify the symbiotic evolution of business, community, and individual progress and fulfillment by confidently embracing diversity of personal potential, unceasing ethical innovation, and transparent commitment to integrity as foundations of our Success.

Firmly established in multi-media with Luxury Magazine, Luxury TV Magazine, and The Luxury Marketplace (the leading online "local city luxury provider listings directory"), Luxury also has begun developing a limited selection of consumer products that are a natural expansion to the Luxury Brand (Luxury Fine Cigars, Luxury Vodka). These product categories compliment the Luxury brand, and are capable of distinctively serving a wide consumer base without diluting corporate expertise or brand reputation that has become so recognized and respected.

Also as a result of natural growth and Brand awareness, B2B (Luxury Services Group) and B2C services (Luxury Events, Luxury Travel) have emerged and are themselves in development if not already operating as a working model. The decision has been made to not expand further at this time in order to maintain focus and attention to detail to properly matriculate these added specialty enterprises to the high standards Luxury requires.

Luxury is simply uncompromising when it comes to the simple requirement every endeavor universally deliver Excellence Beyond Expectation.

Luxury is committed to being an active partner in the communities served, regularly contributing to recognized charities and participating in many events and programs that promote the well-being and positive growth of individuals and families, especially those with special needs or who may be economically disadvantaged. Specially keen on supporting education and lifeskills development, Luxury regularly invests in both pilot and established programs in cooperation with local schools and colleges that have the means to maximize their impact by means of existing ties to the community and their proven leadership. In the process of establishing a 501(3)(c) Foundation for scholarships, the future Luxury envisions looks bright.

The people that make up the company are Luxury's greatest asset, and each individual is always reminded of their importance within the encompassing vision that is constantly being redefined with the goal to unlock hidden potential and personal progress. Whether one is a celebrity host of Luxury TV Magazine or a meticulous graphic artist working on Luxury Magazine, ours is a unified effort toward a common goal without pretense or secondary agenda to distract or obstruct the Team accomplishment. We know we set the example, and gladly accept the responsibility.

We invite you to explore LUXURY Group Network by visiting our other websites, and hope that you enjoy all that is available for you to represent an opportunity of allowing us the distinct privilege of serving you with our renowned Excellence Beyond Expectation!
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