Luxury is a diversified Brand enterprise dedicated to serving local communities with the information, insight, and inspiration to sustainably enrich personal lifestyle fulfillment via original, positive multi-media.
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Dedicated to unilaterally providing renowned Excellence Beyond Expectation  in every endeavor, Luxury strives to exemplify the symbiotic evolution of business, community, and individual progress and fulfillment by confidently embracing diversity of personal potential, unceasing ethical innovation, and transparent commitment to integrity as foundations of our Success.

Luxury Group International is a subsidiary of Choice Group International, a division of Ehrhardt Enterprises Inc., the esteemed parent company which gained original fame as a leading international designer and retailer of fine jewelry and exceptional diamonds for more than 35 years. With this pedigree of success and renown founded on the highest standard of ethics and values, it is easy to understand how Luxury is predestined to perform in every endeavor with such commitment and dedication.

Choice Group International supports Luxury administratively and logistically, but is otherwise occupied conducting business of its own, primarily in the IT, advertising, and marketing industries. Serving many Fortune 500 clients with expertise in everything from branding to multi-channel advertising, Choice Group remains the premier partner sought by dozens of leading companies worldwide that can be relied upon to produce peerless results.

Ehrhardt Enterprises Inc. is still quietly serving select businesses in a consulting advisory manner with acclaimed expertise and methodologies, having retired from the retail and wholesale businesses in 2008.
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